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The mission of Audit 1040 Tax Consultants is to be one of the leading tax resolutions firms in the community.



The values of the firm are based on integrity, professionalism, leadership, quality, and diversity.

About the services we provide


A tax audit is an examination by the IRS on the returns that an individual makes on a yearly basis. Such an audit aims to assess whether a person files tax returns and whether the income and deductions that are mentioned are accurate and in accordance with the IRS.


Payroll Tax Problems

Payroll tax problems are another service that Audit 1040 Tax Consultants provides to members of the public and to organizations that have issues or complications when they are filing tax returns.


Audit defense is where an individual or a company requires being represented in the IRS by an independent firm due to any allegations that may relate to lack of payment of taxes or failure to file such tax returns.


A tax levy is an administrative action that is undertaken by the IRS where it is empowered to seize property from an individual to satisfy a tax bill from an individual or an organization.


A tax lien is a scenario where the government through the IRS claims ownership of the property of an individual as a result of failing to pay taxes. The claim does not mean that the property is seized but instead means that they have the right to the property.

Tax Representation

Many people in the country who have issues with tax resolutions can always turn to Audit 1040 Tax Consultants. The firm has a whole team of CPAs, attorneys, and former IRS officials who have more than one hundred years of experience combined.

Back Tax

Another service that is offered to members of the public across the county by Audit 1040 Tax Consultants is back tax help. Back taxes refer to a situation where a tax was not paid when it was due. .

Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment is a tool that is mainly used by the courts to compel your employer to withhold a certain amount of money of your pay so that it is sent to clear a debt.

Offer in Compromise

Audit 1040 Tax Consultants is a highly experienced firm when it comes to offering is compromise especially where it is used to resolve some of the liabilities that may be associated with the IRS or federal authorities in relation to tax.

Accounting Services

Just like many consultancy firms, Audit 1040 Tax Consultants also offers a wide range of accounting services. Some of the major services include bank financing, cash flow management, business evaluation, business and personal consulting, tax planning and preparation, and monthly bookkeeping and payroll services to its clients. These services are aimed at improving the financial status and standing of the clients not only in the short term but also in the long term.